Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage from a Winter Storm

During a cold snap over the winter we had several calls come in for busted water lines after they had frozen due below freezing temperatures for several days. T... READ MORE

Urgent Care Water Mitigation

This was a flooded urgent care office as a result of an overflowing toilet. Pretty much every single room in the building had standing water. We came in began t... READ MORE

Winter Storm Damage

During our last winter storm we had lots and lots of busted water lines from sub-freezing temps. This home was just one of many.  They had a pipe freeze an... READ MORE

School Lunchroom with Excessive Mold

We were contacted by a local elementary school in reference to excessive mold issue in their lunch room. We were asked to determine the type of mold we were dea... READ MORE

Bat Infestation Cleanup for Property Management Company

We were contacted by a property management company we work with regularly about do clean up from a bat infestation. First we advised they have a professional co... READ MORE

Bathroom with Mold Growth under Flooring

We were called out to this property by the home owner after their tenant had moved out. They believed the hall bath room suffered some water damage at some poin... READ MORE

Apartment with Water Damage

We were called out by the adjuster for water mitigation at this apartment. The customer had a lot of expensive items and furniture she wanted removed prior to u... READ MORE

Busted Hot Water Heater Affects Lower Level

This customer woke up to a mess. Her hot water heater burst overnight affecting a large portion of the lower level of her home. She contacted us to come out and... READ MORE

Home with soot damage

This home had heavy soot damage through out. We came in and removed all contents for cleaning. Had the textiles picked up and cleaned by a vendor we partner wit... READ MORE

Church Storm Damage

We were called out to a local church to do dry out following a winter storm and below freezing temperatures for several days. We were able to extract most of th... READ MORE